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CCIS supports international graduate students, visiting scholars, post docs, and their families at Stanford University by offering gracious and helpful connections between Stanford Internationals and the community.

We are a volunteer organization affiliated with the Bechtel International Center at Stanford University.


English Classes
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English in Action: Converse & Connect
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Global Chefs Dinner
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Now accepting applications for 3-5 day Homestays--before the dorms open in the Fall. Application deadline is August 15, 2023.
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International Spouse Coffee
(Formerly Friday Morning Coffee) Meets from 10:30 to noon on Wednesdays every week Stanford is in session.
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Loan Closet
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Windows on the West film series
WOW on hiatus until Spring quarter.
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Our bi-weekly posts may include interesting things to do in the Palo Alto area.
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Global Chefs Dinner program. Help prepare dinner and/or attend as a diner.
Next dinner will be held: June 2.

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