English in Action enables Stanford’s international graduate students, visiting scholars, post doctorates, and spouses to practice casual English conversation, learn about American culture, and develop friendships with English-speaking community volunteers. Partners usually meet weekly for one or more years.


For Internationals

To get a partner: Fill out the EIA Client Signup application.

Group photo of male volunteer with five male internationals.

To participate

To be eligible to participate in this program you must have basic English skills such as the ability to order food in a restaurant, share information about your family, and ask for directions.

If you are a beginning English speaker, please contact one of the local adult education programs that offer free ESL classes:

For more information:

For CCIS Volunteers

"I have always enjoyed my experiences with my English-in-Action partners. They have been from many different countries, and it's always interesting to be with them and learn about their life and family and to share my love of this area as I help them with conversational English. It's a win-win program for both of us."

To get a partner: Fill in the online CCIS Membership application.

Eleven female internationals with female volunteer in a park.

To participate