Click on the image of Communiqué, pictured to your right, to open the latest edition of the newsletter. Past editions are accessible from the list below. The newsletter is published in the fall, winter, and summer. Communiqué Editors, Karin Meiswinkel and Amanda Preece, are pictured above.

We seek to have the Communiqué serve three purposes. Like most organizational newsletters it announces upcoming events, reports on current events, and features and honors significant accomplishments of its members. A second goal is to provide information and ideas that assist CCIS volunteers in working with their international partners. In our third goal, we attempt to integrate the various components of the Bechtel International Center to work in concert with the committees and programs of CCIS, thus defining our roles and overall purpose.

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Communiqué coverage

Although our primary focus is on the people, programs, and activities of CCIS, we also incorporate articles about other groups that comprise the services of the Bechtel International Center.

*The CCIS Member Handbook is featured in the Summer 2016 issue.

Different ways to get Communiqué

A full-color, down-loadable version (PDF) is placed on this website, and CCIS members are notified when a new issue has been published. In addition, the newsletter is printed in black and white and mailed to those members who request a “Mailed Copy” in their annual membership renewal form.

As an economy measure, we encourage people to get the electronic version via the website rather than the printed version. An additional benefit to the reader of the electronic version is that it often contains stories and pictures that don’t fit in the printed version.

Submitting Articles and Photos to the Communiquè

Any CCIS related subject matter, story and feature ideas or suggestions, event information, photographs, etc. from CCIS members is welcomed by the Communiqué. Please submit any of the aforementioned to the editor at: Karin Meiswinkel,communiqué Include your contact information.

Board members who have access to the editor's personal email and telephone contacts may also use those. Write-ups, as well as suggestions, references, acknowledgments, and photographs, do not have to be in any particular format or within any guidelines. These contributions contribute to the variety of content in each quarterly newsletter, which make it interesting to read and review. They provide information and knowledge about the multi-faceted, renowned, and wonderful organization that constitutes CCIS.

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