The goals of the CCIS Member Newsletter are to: report on recent events at CCIS and the Bechtel International Center; provide information about CCIS volunteers and the work they do; and let CCIS members know about upcoming events and activities.

Click on the image of the newsletter, pictured to your right, to open the latest edition. Past editions are accessible from the list below. As of the August 2017 issue, the newsletter is being published monthly.

Cover of current issue of newsletter.

CCIS is looking for a newsletter editor. See CCIS Communique Editor role for details.



Newsletter coverage

Although our primary focus is on the people, programs, and activities of CCIS, the CCIS Member Newsletter includes: articles about other groups that contribute to the services of the Bechtel International Center; and interesting news about life at Stanford.

Submitting Articles and Photos to the Newsletter

The Newsletter editor welcomes articles and article suggestions for CCIS related subjects. These can be stories, feature ideas, event information, photographs, etc. Write-ups, as well as suggestions, references, acknowledgments, and photographs do not have to be in any particular format.

Please submit your suggestions to the editor at: Include your contact information.

For more information contact: