CCIS English In Action Application Form for 2019–2020

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Most of our volunteers find it too difficult to converse when small children are with you during the conversation time. We strongly recommend that you have someone else care for your children during your weekly conversation time.
Can you do that?: Yes No
Your preference (if any) for the gender of your conversation partner: Male Female
Your interests: Art American Culture Dancing Food Games History Movies
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Reading Photography Shopping Sports Technology Travel TV
Other Interests, or details (e.g., which sports?):
Your home country Job Experience
Your major field of study Department affiliation at Stanford (yours or spouse's):
When did you arrive in the US? How long do you expect to stay?
Which times are convenient for you to meet a conversation partner?: Weekdays Weekends Evenings
Are you able and willing to drive off campus to meet with your partner? Yes No
Are you taking English classes? Yes No
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