Interview Feedback from Internationals
Click on each panel to read what Internationals say about CCIS programs. Krishna Hariani, a Stanford International, conducted the interviews in 2013. An interview with Krishna is included below.


Female international and volunteer friend. Female international. Group of international mothers with their young children.
International couple in foreground of scenic vacation background. International female with arms around two male friends. Female international sitting on wall next to harbor. There is a schooner ship in the background.
Female international and volunteer friend. Smiling male international. Headshot of female international.
Three woman in costume doing an East Indian dance. Seven internationals and two volunteers on a forest hike. Same image used for page banner photo. Male international with his volunteer couple friends. Sitting on the bench by a fountain.
CCIS logo Smiling female international in a landscape of blossming bushes. Group of posing internationals and volunteers.