The Professional Development Program provides an opportunity for international spouses to practice their presentation, interview, and leadership skills and explore and discuss career opportunities and alternatives. The program also includes invited speakers and trips to points of interest.

These learning opportunities were previously available through the second part of the Professional Liaison Program.


For Internationals

To help you decide whether the Professional Development Program is right for you, we have incorporated a few examples of how the PDP, under its previous program name, Professional Liaison Program (PLP), allowed participants to either advance in their career or to make a change to another career of more interest to them. Examples of recent PLP/PDP success will give you an idea of how the program has helped other applicants.

Large group of female internationals and their children outside with the Professional Liaison chairman.

To participate in the PLP weekly group discussion


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For CCIS Volunteers

Food Science reseracher from Japan giving presentation on factors influencing what we eat and their impact on your health.

PDP International Spouses have previous professional careers prior to arriving at Stanford and have graduate degrees in science, engineering, medicine, business, and/or education.

Presentations given by invited speakers are generally 30 minutes long plus an additional 15 minutes for questions and answers.

Professional Liaison Program participants, seated around a table, watching a presentation.

To participate in the PDP as a guest presenter

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