This lively informal gathering creates a sense of community among international families and local volunteers. The Friday Coffee is held from 10:00am to 12:00 noon every week that Stanford is in session. The program attracts from 45 to 65 international spouses each week, and an additional 10 to 25 children.

The program provides an opportunity for spouses to make new friends and to learn about how they can pursue their interests or education in the Stanford area. A children's singing time is often held at 11 a.m. in the Back Lounge. 


For Internationals

This informal gathering is an ideal way to meet other spouses and learn about the many options for enriching your stay in the Stanford area. Newly arrived spouses and partners receive information about classes and opportunities to make their time here enjoyable and meaningful.

Lunar New Year 2019 celebration. Asian woman playing Chinese Pipa (lute) Lunar New Year 2019 celebration. Smiling woman holding plate of Korean dumplings toward the camera.

Conversation tables offer an informal way to meet others, practice English and share experiences.

Lunar New Year 2019 celebration. Group of 25 seated woman and small children singing in a circle.

Everyone (with and without children, new and returning) is equally welcome.

To participate

For more information contact:


For CCIS Volunteers

Friday Coffee Volunteers help welcome new international spouses and families and introduce them to other internationals and to local resources related to their individual needs and interests.

Lunar New Year 2019 celebration. Female volunteer learing how to make a lucky Korean tiny purse  

CCIS Volunteers play a number of roles, from greeting and providing local information to newly arrived families to leading "Conversation Tables" to engaging attendees in English practice and helping them get acquainted with one another.

Lunar New Year 2019 celebration. Female volunteer and teacher showing the Chinese character for 'Happy' they have just written on red paper with a brush. 

To participate

Community volunteers interested in assisting with the Friday Coffee are invited to contact the Friday Coffee chair at the email address below.

For more information contact: