The CCIS Hospitality Program offers international Stanford graduate students and visiting scholars, and their spouses/partners, an opportunity to develop a freindly, non-academic and informal relationship with a local family or individual for a one-year period.


For Internationals Male international, on a golf course, making the peace sign with two fingers.

“I am very lucky to get to know these nice people. We had wonderful times. Having happy times with my CCIS American friends is one of my best memories in the U.S. I hope we will stay in touch forever.”
—Takeharu Yamamoto, Japan

Two international women at party in a private home. Both are making the peace sign with two fingers.

Once you qualify to participate in the Hospitality program, you can look forward to sharing mutual interests, the California experience, recreation, entertainment, cooking meals together, a local hike or a museum visit, and lively conversation. These times of "seeing things for the first time together" can be very meaningful for you at a time when you may feel lonely, especially during holidays, and/or Stanford school breaks. Our volunteer hosts often say that seeing this area with a Stanford International is like seeing it for the first time, too!

International student/scholar applications are reviewed for matching in the fall quarter, October-December. International applicants will be matched on a first-come basis. Students and scholars with accompanying spouses/partners are welcome to apply.

Participation requirements

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For CCIS Volunteers

Smiling female international enjoying dinner at the home of her male Hospitality host (and his wife).

“My wife, Joan, and I have been Hospitality Volunteer hosts this year to Chao Ni (Claire), a Stanford international graduate student from China. We have lively conversations with Claire about many topics and we have greatly enjoyed our meetings with her. This has been our fourth year of hosting internationals students through the CCIS Hospitality program, and we have enjoyed them all! ”—Nick and Joan Steinthal, Menlo Park

Hospitality volunteer families and individuals have an opportunity to share the California experience, everyday lifestyle and culture, as well as learn from a Stanford international about their unique culture, family, and their Stanford University experience.

Two male internationals in graduate robes with their member host couple.

You are not required to invite internationals as guests in your home, but if you are able to do so, that is welcome as well—for an evening meal, conversation, or to share a family celebration or event. Past volunteers have shared long-term friendships that began with the Hospitality program, and often say that the benefit to both the international and the CCIS volunteer is equally enjoyable.

Participation requirements

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