Come and enjoy social interaction with internationals and their families and CCIS members and volunteers. We always have a lively and enjoyable time. Events are normally scheduled once a term and are held at the Bechtel International Center. Hope to see you there!


For Internationals Group of nine smiling female internationals at a social event in the park.

International graduate students, post-docs, scholars—please come and bring your family to the Event scheduled each term.

Typically, attendees bring a dish/drink to share that could be a specialty from their home country or something organized around a special/seasonal theme or activity.

Activities are designed to help attendees meet new people and make new friends.

Montage image of three photos showing female internationals eating and having fun during a social event in a park.

To participate

Check the Upcoming Events panel on the Home page.

For more information contact:

For CCIS Volunteers

Three international women and a volunteer in a social event at the park.

Invite your English-in-Action partners and your Homestay and Hospitality students.

Depending upon the event, bring a dish or drink to share organized around a special theme or activity designed to meet new people and make new friends.

Montage of three photos of international women, and a baby, having fun during a social event at a park.

To participate


For more information contact: