CCIS New Volunteer's Membership Form for Academic Year 2019–2020

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Volunteer Opportunities
Continuing Activities
ENGLISH in ACTION   Meet once a week with an international graduate student, visiting scholar, post doc, or a spouse, for one hour of casual English conversation and cultural exchange. If you volunteer for this activity, please complete Member Profile Information Item #7 and Item #8 below.
HOSPITALITY   Meet socially with an international at least 4 times a year for friendship, cultural sharing, holiday celebrations, or other activities of mutual interest. This is not an overnight program, and in-home meetings are not required. If you volunteer for this activity, please complete Member Profile Information Item #7 on this form.
LOAN CLOSET   Serve as a helper to incoming students who borrow household items from the Loan Closet located on the Stanford campus. Activity is mainly Sept/Oct. The Loan Closet welcomes donations (such as toasters, rice cookers, coffee pots, desk lamps, microwave ovens) throughout the year. Email:
TEACH AN ENGLISH CLASS   Teach, or be a substitute teacher, for a weekly 90-minute class at the Bechtel Int'l Center. Please complete Member Profile Information Item #4 on this form.
FRIDAY COFFEES   Help welcome spouses & families at this weekly social event held from 10 to 12 on Fridays.
Short-Term Volunteer Activities
HOMESTAY   Host an international graduate student (or couple) overnight in your home for 3–5 days before the fall opening of Stanford student housing. International applicants to this program have not been in the USA before their Stanford arrival. Homestay is the "welcoming" American experience that sets a positive memory for a new student's life.
COMMUNITY ADVISORS   Welcome newly arrived international students to Stanford to give them CCIS, community, and university information. Morning and afternoon weekday shifts are at the Bechtel Int'l Center, for two weeks before September classes begin.
PROFESSIONAL LIAISON   Visit with an international spouse for a one-time meeting to share your professional talents or career expertise. Please complete Item #2 of the Member Profile Information on this form.
BOARD EVENTS   Serve on a committee to help organize and produce the CCIS Holiday Luncheon in December, and/or the CCIS Annual Meeting in May.
Make a Donation
CCIS is a non-profit volunteer organization with no paid staff, and we receive no Stanford University funding. Please choose your level of fully tax-deductible donation, and either pay online, or by check. You can make a payment of your pledged amount online after you submit this form, by PayPal, or by using most major credit cards through PayPal. All contributions are optional, but welcome. We appreciate your generosity!

Your voluntary donation to CCIS supports our ongoing programs for international students, scholars and spouses throughout the year.

Your donation to the Spouse Educational Fund (SEF) supports annual award grants that help spouses of International Stanford students advance their education while accompanying their partners to Stanford. Your donation to the Spouse Endowment Fund (Endowment) will provide a stable base for the SEF ongoing grants in the future.

If you prefer to make your donation by check, send one check for your total donation amount, along with this form showing your donation allocation(s), to: CCIS, Bechtel Int'l Center, 584 Capistrano Way, Stanford, CA 94305. Make your check payable to "CCIS."

This year's new donations:
CCIS donation pledge
Spouse Education Fund pledge, for current use
Spouse Education Fund Endowment pledge
Member Profile Information
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2. The CCIS Communiqué newsletter is available online on our website.
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4. International English teaching background, experience and/or credential:
5. I am interested in learning about the CCIS Board, CCIS Committees, and other CCIS leadership opportunities.
5. Suggest someone who might be interested in becoming a CCIS member. Personal referrals from current members are the best way for us to welcome new volunteers. Please include the person's contact information.
7. Tell us about you and your interests! (This section is suggested for all members, and must be completed by Hospitality and English in Action Volunteers)
Art Dancing Food/Cooking Games Gardening Hiking Film
Classical Music Modern Music Playing/Performing Music Singing
Writing Reading Photography Shopping Sports Technology
Travel TV Other (you must check this box if you put anything in the blank)
8. Please complete this additional section if you are an English in Action volunteer.
How many EIA clients are you willing to take? PLEASE enter a number!
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Add any comments related to EIA, such as special requirements you may have, or other interests.
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Welcome to the Community Committee for International Students!

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