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May 2018
The Challenge of Uncertainty

by Shalini D. Bhutani Ph.D.,
Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director,
Bechtel International Center, Stanford University
Do you know that more than a million international students attended colleges and Universities in the U.S. in the last three years and that international students contribute an estimated $39 billion to the U.S. economy?

While the U.S. is the world’s most popular higher education destination, hosting twice as many international students as the next highest host country, the U.K., in 2016-17 we saw signs of a slowing trend. After years of rapid growth, enrollment of first-time international students in U.S. colleges and universities dipped last year.

"Now, more than ever, we are deeply grateful for the work that CCIS volunteers do to warmly welcome our international students, postdocs, spouses, and scholars to Stanford University. You help create a home away from home for Stanford’s international community, and for that - and for so much more, we thank you!"
There could be many reasons for this slow down: The new perception of the United States as unfriendly and unwelcoming, concerns about political uncertainty, visa delays, as well as rising tuition costs. There is also competition from other countries. Canada, for example, has recently seen a 22% increase in its number of international students, while the number of international student enrollment in Germany has increased by 6%. In addition, governments of many Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam have made education a priority and invested heavily in building their own education infrastructure.

Stanford's numbers have held steady during this time, but we are disappointed by the noticeable drop in the number of incoming students from Iran, which we see as a direct consequence of the travel ban. For this year we are also concerned about President Trump’s decision to target student visas from China as part of a broad package of measures targeting Beijing.
Stanford’s admissions cycle for new students is close to completion. We have begun hearing from admitted international graduate students who will be joining us in Fall of 2018, and by the time you read this, the undergraduate admissions office will have notified those students who will be invited to join the class of 2022. The Bechtel Center team will soon be busy issuing visa documents for all incoming students. As summer approaches, Bechtel advisors, along with a number of dedicated CCIS volunteers will begin finalizing plans for graduate and undergraduate orientation. This is a very busy time of year for all!

Now, more than ever, we are deeply grateful for the work that CCIS volunteers do to warmly welcome our international students, postdocs, spouses, and scholars to Stanford University. You help create a home away from home for Stanford’s international community, and for that - and for so much more, we thank you!

Meet a CCIS Volunteer
Lessons in English Pronunciation
by Donna Shoemaker with Karin Meiswinkel
Meet Sally Small, a vivacious, witty, and very talented CCIS volunteer! The English Pronunciation class she created for Stanford international students reflects her strong background in speech therapy and communications. Her objective is to improve understanding between international speakers and American listeners while appreciating the uniqueness of both.
The usual term applied to Sally's teaching approach is "Accent Reduction" but Sally prefers the more positive "Pronunciation." She appreciates an accent that can also be part of clear communication. Sally's East Coast accent is captivating!

Even when she was a college professor in New Jersey, her preference leaned toward international students. Sally published an idioms booklet, “Word of Mouth,” originally done for Georgetown University. It contains a plethora of catchy, fun phrases and idioms used in the workplace, and is enjoyed equally by Americans and internationals.

After Sally relocated to California to be closer to her family, someone she met in a Stanford class connected her with Gwyn Dukes, Chair of Friday Morning Coffee. Recognizing her talents, CCIS asked Sally to create a class at the Bechtel Center reflecting her lifelong teaching skills. Her students referred other students, and she was on her way! Pronunciation classes are Tuesday and Friday mornings at the Bechtel Center, by appointment, and with a qualifying interview.

Sally expressed her happiness in being involved with CCIS and the enrichment it has brought to her life as a new Californian. Another perfect example of what CCIS is all about – member talents and supportive outreach to international students at Stanford.

Be a Homestay Host this Fall
by Annette Isaacson, CCIS Homestay Chair
Being a CCIS Homestay host involves welcoming an international student to the U.S., Palo Alto, and their new Stanford University experience. Homestay is the first CCIS program and, since 1953, Homestay has created hundreds of connections with CCIS volunteers and Stanford International Alumni all over the world. Students who apply to this popular
program have never been in the U.S. before, so the first person they meet is a lasting memory that you can help create!

This is an overnight (three to 5 days) hosting program. Even though there is a myriad of welcome activities on campus for arriving students, international students often need more help adjusting to the area and new culture. Homestay hosts help students shop for a bike, open a bank account, get household items they need to get started (including a visit to the Loan Closet), learn to navigate food shopping and explore transportation on and off campus. Homestay friendships often continue through the student's time at Stanford and for a lifetime.
Sign up for a Homestay interview now, or refer a friend. CCIS membership is required. If you were a Homestay host last year, please send us your available dates for this coming fall.

For more information contact:
Annette Isaacson, Homestay Chair
650 327-7626 or
Meet Spouse Education Fund Grantee
Wanea Bazzo, from Brazil
Submitted by Dolly Verplank, SEF Chair
"I received a 2017 Betty Ogawa* Memorial Grant from the CCIS Spouse Education Fund (SEF). I came from Brazil to Stanford to follow my husband’s dream: A Stanford MBA degree. I cannot work in the U.S. due to visa restrictions, and my financial resources are limited. Donations to the Spouse Education Fund were critical for my personal and professional development.
My career goal is in the nonprofit sector to make a positive impact on the lives of needy children in Brazil by creating educational opportunities to transform them into agents of change.
My reason to continue my studies here is to return to my home country to make Brazil a better place to live.

Due to your very kind donations to the Betty Ogawa Fund, I was able to take a course through the Stanford Continuing Studies Program. The class, Tools for Strategic Management, supports my objective of generating a positive impact in the community. It helped me develop strategic management abilities by recognizing the critical components of effective decision making. I learned how to implement strategy frameworks and communicate the results across different type of organizations and cultures. These are important skills that I never had the opportunity to develop before. Now I am more aware of myself and, I understand better how to impact people using strategic thinking.

The generosity of CCIS members inspires me to help others in the future and give back to support spouses in the business community, just like Mrs. Ogawa did by helping international spouses at Stanford University. I will always remember and always be grateful to her for supporting me in this challenging phase of my life."

*The late Betty Ogawa was a long-term and dedicated CCIS volunteer, Chair of the Community Advisors Program, and CCIS President from 2006 to 2008.
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