In order to reduce spam we have separated the email addresses into two parts. Unfortunately, this means that you can't simply click on a link. You must manually type the address into your email.


Please add the officer's prefix to the general address as follows:

Executive Board
President, Dave Gustavson president@
Vice President, Robert Paugh vicepresident@
Secretary, Donna Shoemaker secretary@
Treasurer, Raj Khanna treasurer@
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Program Chairs
Board Events, Dee Gustavson boardevents@
Community Advisors Chair, Karen McNay ca@
Database/IT Chair, Dave Gustavson database@
English-In-Action Chair, Carole Hessler eia@
English Classes Co-Chair, MaryAnn Saunders englishclasses@
English Classes Co-Chair, Patty Buchanan englishclasses@
Events Chair, Judi Chun events@
Friday Morning Coffee Chair, Gwyn Dukes coffee@
Homestay Chair, Annette Isaacson homestay@
Hospitality Chair, Carol Hickingbotham hospitality@
Loan Closet Chair, Bob Spears loancloset@
Membership Co-chair, Dave Gustavson membership@
Member Services, Donna Shoemaker memberservices@
Professional Liaison Chair (PLP) Henry Lum plp@
Spouse Education Fund (SEF), Dolly Verplank spousefund@
Webmaster, Paula Z. Brown webmaster@